Thursday, July 31, 2008

From the July Mailbox

Judith -

Came to your reading at Politics & Prose July 16 - "Bra-burner" is still an epithet that can brand a woman inescapably - how I enjoyed your recounting of the context, and what really happened and didn't happen.

Judith -

I finished THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND last night -

Wow, what a story!

It's never too late to raise one's consciousness, I guess! The habits of
accommodating & being helpful are so ingrained, they become
indistinguishable from having no persona to assert.

But I came away with questions about Gloria Steinem.
It seems clear from your research that she was recruited by the CIA - has
she ever addressed this? Is she still working with them? How does she
reconcile that with her feminism?

NC Weil

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