Thursday, July 31, 2008

From the July Mailbox

Judith -

Came to your reading at Politics & Prose July 16 - "Bra-burner" is still an epithet that can brand a woman inescapably - how I enjoyed your recounting of the context, and what really happened and didn't happen.

Judith -

I finished THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND last night -

Wow, what a story!

It's never too late to raise one's consciousness, I guess! The habits of
accommodating & being helpful are so ingrained, they become
indistinguishable from having no persona to assert.

But I came away with questions about Gloria Steinem.
It seems clear from your research that she was recruited by the CIA - has
she ever addressed this? Is she still working with them? How does she
reconcile that with her feminism?

NC Weil

Friday, July 25, 2008

From the July Mailbox

Hi Judith,

I have just finished your book - couldn't put it down! It's simply wonderful - so candid and personal (your intention) .

You captured all the drama of those Vietnam years but expose the "behind the scenes" and intricacies of government and old boy politics in a way that is so revealing. The way you allow the reader to walk with you on your journey is just great. I admire that graduate student of the 60's --the courage and risks you were willing to take--and your honesty about being able to learn from situations and mentors along the way. The title is so perfect to describe the woman you have become. You have my complete and bottomless admiration.

Happy Fourth and I look forward to seeing you in Chatham in August. Cheers and congratulations! Sue Pearse

Sunday, July 20, 2008

From the July Mailbox

Hi Judy

I have a strange feeling like I am speaking to an old friend that I have just met. Your new book is a very important story, beautifully written and a great read.

This winter I read with outrage The House of War and A Legacy of Ashes, historical accounts of two of our country's most virulent, critical cancers. The Girl I Left Behind gave me a personal, explicit view of the micro realities and deep grounding of how the male culture of the Pentagon and the CIA were recruited, trained, disciplined and sustained. Your personal account provides a whole new level of understanding. Thanks.

Don DeLay (Vermont)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Questions Ellen from Albuquerque

Dear judy,
> I loved your book. What an achievement!
> So many experiences of yours were shared by so many of us.
> I'm passing the book on to Chris Van Norman who is coming over for lunch today.
> We all, certainly Chris and me, wanted to go to work. I ran into the "must type 65 words per minute" barrier and didn't learn on purpose.
> Today we all are in a far better place but it would not have happened without all the hard work necessary to change the status quo.
> My hat is off to you for this lovely rendition of our experiences.
> Thank you for writing this reminder of all we have been through,
> Ellen from Albuquerque

Question: Has your ex been a presence for your daughter?
How is Clarissa doing? Have you heard from her lately?
Chris marched off with the book and we're going to discuss it when she finishes it.


Book Launch at Porter Square Books in Cambridge

Book launch was a great success. CSPAN's BookTV filmed the presentation and Q&A. Almost 100 people came and Porter Square Books ran out of books. Since then, I have been doing what I call "author housecalls," autographing books people bought later. Harvard Square Books named The Girl I Left Behind as one of its June picks. Upcoming events include readings at Politics and Prose in Washington, DC and closer to home, Chatham, MA (August 17) and Brookline, MA (August 20). A Brookline bookclub has chosen The Girl as their August read. I'm considering doing "author telephone visits" for book clubs. More on that later.