Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Questions Ellen from Albuquerque

Dear judy,
> I loved your book. What an achievement!
> So many experiences of yours were shared by so many of us.
> I'm passing the book on to Chris Van Norman who is coming over for lunch today.
> We all, certainly Chris and me, wanted to go to work. I ran into the "must type 65 words per minute" barrier and didn't learn on purpose.
> Today we all are in a far better place but it would not have happened without all the hard work necessary to change the status quo.
> My hat is off to you for this lovely rendition of our experiences.
> Thank you for writing this reminder of all we have been through,
> Ellen from Albuquerque

Question: Has your ex been a presence for your daughter?
How is Clarissa doing? Have you heard from her lately?
Chris marched off with the book and we're going to discuss it when she finishes it.


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